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Dear customers,

Here are some usefull tips, which will help you using the site.
  1. Making registration:
    • Pay attention to the way you have to fill in your date of birth, so the system can recognise it - first month, then day and after that year.
    • Fill in your address in a way so it will be easier for the courier to understand. Include remarks where/if needed.
    • Leave us valid phone number - this will help us to arrange the delivery - date, hour and any other questions regarding your purchase.

  2. Finding the items you want to buy:
    • Use the Search field at the most left side of the site. There you can fill in not only a model number, but olso one or more key words. For example, if you are searching for LEGO airplane, in the Search field you can fill in "airplane" and you will find all the items related to this subject.
    • Use the Categories in the most left column of the site. Models in each of them are specifically selected according to the category. For example, if you are looking for a model appropriate for specific age, use 'by AGE' category, so you can easily find what we offer for that age.
    • If you want to select several items form the same theme or category, for each next item click the 'BACK' button of your browser several times instead of the 'Continue shopping' button, which will bring you back in the main menu. The "BACK" button (usually in the upper left corner of the screen) will help you a lot especially if you are searching in the 'PICK A BRICK' section. The variety of items included there is enormous and they are grouped into many subcategories.
    • Use the opportunity for sorting by price. After you go to specific theme, for example "Pirats", you will see on your screen all available models from that set. Click on the word "price" in the upper part of the list and the models will be classified according to thair price. This will allow you to consider the models regarding to your budget.
    • Don't forget to check the available quantity in the column next to the 'price'. All items in LEGO BG website are actual, existing ones, and we have them in store. If you try to add to your cart a bigger number than the available, the system won't let you finalize your purchase.
    • If you want more than one from a specific item (and we have it available) you need to change the number in the little box of the 'quantity' column. Then you must click the 'UPDATE' button for the change to take effect. And vice versa - if you want to decrease the quantity you've ordered, change the number in the box and then click 'UPDATE'.
    • If you decide to cancel a product you've already added to the cart, check the small box infront of it (in the 'remove' column) and then click the 'UPDATE' button.

  3. Finalizing the purchase:
    • If you've been adding items in the cart and meanwhile you've moved away from the computer or you've navigated away form the page without finalizing the purchase, it is possible for the system to remember your cart's content. That's why check the cart's content when you next enter the website before you finalize it.
    • If you're having troubles with finalizing the purchase the most common reasons might be:
      • didn't check neither one of the fields specifying the payment method;
      • you've purchased bigger quantity than the available in the moment.
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