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Club Cards Conditions

Dear customers,

Here we publish the conditions for receiving and using of BO HOBBY Club Cards, as well as the current promotions they give.

Last revision from July 1st, 2016.
  1. Who can receive a BO HOBBY Club Card for discounts
    • Every customer, who has made a purchase from our shop has the right to receive a BO HOBBY Club Card immediately.

  2. The rights the BO HOBBY Club Card gives
    • Each Club Card has an unique number, which allows its owner to be identified in case of orders in the shop, by phone or by internet*.
    • The Club Card gives you the opportunity to receive discount from the prices in our shop only when you have accumulated BGN 200 (EURO 102.25) spent on orders during the last 13 months.
    • The amount of the discounts, that you can receive from the Club Card is different for different time periods and is announced on the web page of our shop.
    • By using discounts given by the Club Card you don't lose your right of other promotions, like presents, single discount vouchers, etc.

    • *If you order by internet, it is not necessary to include the unique number anywhere. This happens automatically.

  3. Current promotions
    • Clients with orders for more than BGN 200 (EURO 102.25) during the last 13 months use special Club prices for all LEGO and LEGO EDUCATION sets, unless something in contrary is mentioned bellow. The discount in prices is in general between 5% and 10% and depends on the model and EU prices.
    • In order to see prices, valid for you, please, register to our web site and log in to your profile.
    • The BO HOBBY Shop may limit the discount prices for promotional products.
    • Discount prices are not accrued for LEGO bricks, mini figures, accessories and shipping price
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